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Window World 4000 Series Vinyl Siding combines beauty and performance into one durable, low-maintenance package.

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Our 4000 series replacement siding is everything you’d expect from a premium siding product, without the premium price. Built with heavy-duty construction and energy-efficiency in mind, Window World of Central Florida’s 4000 series replacement vinyl siding means having performance and curb appeal.

4000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding

Product Details
Color Options

Window World 4000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding offers superior panel design, incredible curb appeal and a wide choice of attractive color selections. More reasons to choose this style:

  • .046’’ panel thickness for added insulation
  • Resists denting from impact
  • Available in double 4” and 5” clapboard and dutch lap profiles
  • Triple 3” clapboard available
  • A large variety of color options
  • ½” panel protection

Our 4000 series siding comes in a large selection of different colors, including 5 brand new hues.

vinyl siding color options

Color options may vary based on package, dimensions and more.

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4000 Series Energy Plus Siding

Product Details
Color Options

Window World 4000 Energy Plus Siding provides additional energy efficiency and a beautiful finish. Why choose this style:

  • Premium 1-1/4” energy-efficient insulation thickness
  • Advanced rolled-over nail hem
  • Unique panel locking design
  • Superior durability
  • Straight and true course lines
  • Oak grain or matte finish

Choose from a rich palette of beautiful matte colors with matching accessories.

vinyl siding color options

Color options may vary based on package, dimensions and more.

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What is energy efficiency?

Energy-Efficient Siding

When it comes to your home, energy-efficient siding helps insulate your walls and regulate your energy use. That means savings on your monthly bills and comfort year-round.

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Your Questions, Answered.

Vinyl Siding FAQs

What makes Window World’s 4000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding unique


Window World of Central Florida’s 4000 Reinforced Siding is engineered and manufactured to provide not just beauty, but performance. A combination of a rolled-over nail hem and specially designed locking system provide superior wall attachment strength. In independent tests, the Window World 4000 Series Siding withstood category 5 hurricane-force winds. This design also provides another, perhaps more important attribute, superior rigidity, helping to ensure straight course lines and even walls—on both new and existing homes.


Orlando homeowners love the vast array of design options available in the 4000 series. Choose from traditional 4-1/2″ clapboard or elegant 4-1/2″ dutch lap profiles, two finishes, and a wide array of architecturally-pleasing colors to create a look that’s truly personal.

What makes Window World’s 4000 Energy Plus Siding unique?

Energy Efficiency

Window World 4000 Energy Plus Siding features a contoured insulating underlayment designed to fill in the gaps left behind with traditional non-insulated siding. Its premium 1-1⁄4″ thickness is designed to provide an extra blanket of protection versus traditional siding.

Impact Resistance

The contoured insulating underlayment is engineered specifically for Window World 4000 Energy Plus Siding. Together they deliver 5 times more impact resistance than conventional siding. The result is a siding system designed to withstand not only typical ‘around the house’ accidents, but also Mother Nature’s worst.


Window World 4000 Energy Plus Siding, with a Perm Rating of 5, is designed to not trap moisture, but allow your exterior walls to breathe. In addition, an organic additive deters termites from nesting behind your siding, yet is non-toxic and safe for humans and pets.


Does vinyl siding require maintenance?

No more sanding, staining or painting. With vinyl siding, you can save time and money. Just wash it occasionally to keep it looking like new.

Will my purchase be protected by a warranty?

Both 4000 series products are backed by a lifetime warranty, including fade and hail protection. Protecting not only you but the next owner of your home as well.

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